just like the good 'ol days

Hello. My name is Donnie, and I will be your mother today.

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Butch- a song by Ben Sasso & Donnie Wilson
It recently occurred to me that you have four balls and one is lower than the rest. but if you ask me, that one is the best. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter at all, cause the true is that you still have four balls. your eyes are to close together and your forehead is to long. your nose is really crooked, and your hands are way too strong. your the mostly manly girl that i have ever met. i've seen all the girls prom dresses but i haven't sen your yet. I'm starting to question your sexuality, and starting to except your abnormality, your a butch. you haven't told anyone that your a lesbian, but you got married and now you beat your husband. It takes you an hour to shave cause your a butch. you can't afford nair, cause your a really big butch. your stronger than ben cause your a butch. your beat your children cause your a butch. after you beat them you eat em.


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