just like the good 'ol days

Hello. My name is Donnie, and I will be your mother today.

OH my god! I haven't posted a livejournal entry in so effing long. wow. So much stuff has happened since april of 2007, that I won't even try to summarize it. all I will say is that I got my license. That's really all you need to know. This weekend was a lot of fun. Me, Mallory and Kristina! went up to gainesville to see Erica and Hailie. We got up there friday evening, and hung out for a while, then went dumpstering, and i got a sweet ass remote control boat out of the radio shack dumpster. And we also got some banananananas. Not to good of a night. Although we did get some pizza out of leos dumpster, and man was that pizza goooood. Then on saturday, we went to the waldo flea market. it was pretty fun until we entered a little shop called "redneck country". Then I began to get angry, and wanted to burn the place down when I saw a shirt with the confederate flag on it, with a piece of cotton in the middle of the flag, and the shirt read, "100% southern grown. Picked by yo' momma" Assholes. Then after the flea market, we came home, and sat around like lazy bums until we decided to go to every single thrift shop around. And I got a shirt that says "S.P.A.M. Spiritually Pumped And Motivated" Pretty awesome, I know. And another one with birdhouses, and birds across it, that says "florida. Home sweet home" But I'm going to change it to "florida. Home Tweet home" because that would just be so much better. And I also got a Blacklight bulb. And all 3 things were only $1.50 altogether. Then we went home, ate more pizza, and me and Kristina gave each other leg sleeves whilst Erica was catering a wedding. I gave her a sweet ass robot, and she gave me birds, bird houses, gord, clouds, and a worm. Fun way to kill time it was. Then Chris Young, and his little brother came by with some girls i never seen before. But then they went to Brandon Kennody's until like 4 in the morning then came back to Erica's house to sleep. Then, when erica got off, we went to a friends house to play a really bad version of cranium. No dice, no fun. That's my motto. Then I drove they drunk asses home, and i hit the hay. And today we woke up, and made a yummy breakfast of choco chip pancakes, hash browns, vegan sausage, and I made scrambled eggs with garlic powder, and curry powder. All-in-all, It was a very good breakfast. Then we went to the ichentucknee springs with me, Mallory, Erica, Kristina!, Hailie, Kelly, Leann, Christian, and one more person who I forget at this moment. It was beautiful out which was very nice. We brought an air matress, and a blow up boat, that we stole from there last time we were there. it was sooper fun. After we got back, me Erica, Mallory, and Kristina! went to a gross mexican place. I had like 3 or 4 bites of my burrito, and was int the bathroom for like 25 minutes. Mexican food sucks. Then we went home, said our good byes, and headed back here. to brevard. And that's where I am now. I hate to admit it, but i miss writing stupid shit down in my livejournal. It's a good way to store memories.
Night guyssssssssssss

Butch- a song by Ben Sasso & Donnie Wilson
It recently occurred to me that you have four balls and one is lower than the rest. but if you ask me, that one is the best. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter at all, cause the true is that you still have four balls. your eyes are to close together and your forehead is to long. your nose is really crooked, and your hands are way too strong. your the mostly manly girl that i have ever met. i've seen all the girls prom dresses but i haven't sen your yet. I'm starting to question your sexuality, and starting to except your abnormality, your a butch. you haven't told anyone that your a lesbian, but you got married and now you beat your husband. It takes you an hour to shave cause your a butch. you can't afford nair, cause your a really big butch. your stronger than ben cause your a butch. your beat your children cause your a butch. after you beat them you eat em.

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im thinking that people don't like me. I could be wrong, but thats just the feeling i get. some people thing im funny but dumb, others think i'm just dumb, and some thing that im creepy. Im sooo NOT creepy. I dont even have a creepy bone in my body.

oh, by the way... Dooes anyone here wanna sleep with me?.. I'm really a nice guy.
Ha, just playin. see now that would be creepy.
But I'm not creepy.

And this is just funny

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WOW. according to my user info, it's been 25 weeks since i last updated. that along time. i will now update with memories of my past.................. ....................................................................when i was 13, i asked my mom why my penis was 9 inches long. she responded "because when ostriches try to fly underground for too long, they start to grow penguins under their left ear"

thank you for your time.


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(a song written by me)

i like you, you dont like me
i like to poo you like to pee
i don't get what you see in him
oh,i've got it, i have a whim
why don't you please come back to me
if you did i would shout out with glee
yes that's right this songs about a doggie
and let me tell you she as a very nice body
slim in the waist, and thick where it counts
i tell her some rhymes and she starts to bounce
when we're both tired and ready for bed
she go underneath and starts to give head!
when we wake up in the morning
i see a sign that says "warning
you need to get the fuck out
and maybe take a different route
out of town or to another state
cause if you don't your gonna get ate"
right then and there i realized what it meant
she wasn't a dog, but a bear so i went
as far away from there as i possibly could
at the front door is where i stood
i forgot to tell you that i have asthma
I'm sorry that my lungs weren't made out of plasma
so when i got to the door i started walking
but much to my dismay she started talking
she saw me try to run, so she grabbed her gun
and as i tried to hide, she shot me and i died.

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<td align="center"> Donnie Wilson --

A beautiful person with a sixth sense for detecting the presence of ghouls and goblins

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Oh im going to the spitvalves reunion show on the 8, and im going to the RANCID show at HOB on july 19th.
and my birthday is on july 6th.

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on here and my myspace


thank you

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whats going on. damn its been a while since ive last updated. well i wo

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uold like to start off by saying that my life has been going smoothly. im still a little ugly, but oh well. i also got a sidekick. oh and by the way


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